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From our customers

  • Holly Howell

    30 days ago


    I have to say it was hard spending the money on this clock but I am well pleased !! The box was packed very well. The size and detail is amazing!!! This is a new family heirloom that I look forward to handing down to the next generations !!

  • Ginger

    15 days ago


    We love hearing the bird on the hour! So charming and I plan on handing it down to my children. We love it and so does our 5, 4, and 3 year old! ^_^

  • Laurdalaur

    45 days ago


    This clock is absolutely a work of art. I am so amazed at all the care and details that went into this clock. The cuckoo sound is so deep and rich. I have wanted an authentic German Black Forest cuckoo clock for a long time and finally just went for it and I am so happy that I did. The packing was perfect, it arrived very quickly and set up was very easy.

  • TBar

    15 days ago


    This is my second clock with piece's off. My wife loves it but I am going to return it for another one until I get a good one! This is NOT the sellers fault!!

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